Hello and welcome, fellow roadtripper!

We're glad to have you scoping out our work. We - Nik and Angel - are craft beer seeking, powder day searching, adventure loving photographers with insatiable wanderlust. We strive for a minimalist lifestyle as we journey across the country with our cameras and only the necessities, or whatever fits inside our automobile.

We were born and raised in Minnesota. Nik was from the "big city" and Angel grew up learning how to drive a tractor. Our paths crossed on a hot and humid June day in Minnesota. Angel was photographing Nik's brother's wedding when she spotted the cutest Best Man - Nik, in case you were wondering.

Together we present Roadtrip with Nik, a peek into our adventures and the (soon-to-launch) stories that will evolve with each new road trip.

Nik and Angel Rowell
All images © 2018 Nik and Angel Photography