Lake Louise Tea House Hike

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While our frugal buns would have LOVED to have stayed at the Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise, we’re on a budget and next door is a the much more affordable, Deer Lodge.

Roadtrip with Nik - Lake Louise view from tea hike

The lodge feels like an old mansion with a squeaky staircase to boot. Heavy tapestries and handmade vintage furniture properly situated in each of the many sitting areas add to its character and charm.

While the rooms are quite small and, besides the risk of getting scalded if you’re in the shower and your significant other turns the sink water on, we found it to suit our needs perfectly.

One of the highlights of our stay was our Plain of Six Glaciers tea house hike. If you’re thinking, “I’m not really into tea”, just trust us, it’s such a fun experience—and they have more than just tea—the entire system of the tea house is a delight in and of itself. The workers stay in little cabins near the tea house for five days at a time and, when they rotate shifts, the new shift workers hike up food that needs to be replenished and while the previous workers hike out recycling and any waste that can’t be composted. There is no electricity and everything is made by hand and baked daily.

There are actually two houses that you can hike to and both can be done in one day. I will say that I was partial to the first one we did—the Plain of Six Glaciers. Pro tip: get an early start if you want to avoid the crowds. Also, they are only open seasonally, so plan accordingly.

Is Lake Louise on your bucket list?

Roadtrip with Nik - Lake Louise

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