Moraine Lake – Banff National Park

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Why is it that whenever we have to do a border crossing I’m instantly nervous.

Roadtrip with Nik - Moraine Lake

I have nothing to hide, and definitely don’t dare lie about anything because my poker face is pretty much nonexistent but, without fail, they always make my palms sweat.

As the Canadian border patrol asked us their usual laundry list of questions, the final one was, “Do you have any weapons?”. My brain immediately went to the bear spray that we packed, and because I’m already sweaty from the interrogation, I blurt out, “We have bear spray!” The patrolman choked back a laugh as he lifted the barrier and welcomed us to Alberta.

When you first cross into Canada, you’re thinking, “Ok, this is nice but nothing spectacular.” Then you reach the mountains and—holy Canadian Rockies, batman—you see how freaking magical they are!

If it weren’t for the frigid winters and plethora of grizzly bears, we’d move to this area in a heartbeat.

Moraine Lake will have you stare in wonder as you gaze at the beauty that surrounds you while you watch the sunrise illuminate the peaks at day break. Not to get all hippy-dippy, but you can actually feel the cleansing vibration of nature as you stand in this space.

Have you experienced the Canadian Rockies? What was your favorite part?

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