Today Was Not My Day

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“NO!” I shouted as I lost my balance and watched my left foot sink quickly into 4 inches of thick, gooey mud.

Trail running in Colorado

I was trying to cross a creek while on a trail run with Nik, and my gracefulness failed me, twice in fact. Barely half a mile before, I fell on the trail, scraped my leg, and tore a hole in my favorite-over-priced running pants. Today was not my day.

As I cautiously walked up to the creek to rinse off the mud, I turned around to see Nik sinking his foot deep into the mud. On purpose. “You just have to commit to it!” he said as he proceeded to run straight through the creek without hesitation, as if he was immune to the fact that his shoes would be completely soaked.

I guess you could say he was. Nik has a gift when it comes to finding a positive amidst the negative by simply changing what he focuses on.

At first, I was a little hesitant to run straight through the cold water, but after a few crossings, I found myself actually enjoying the rhythmic squishing sound that my heavy, water-logged shoes created as we ran through mountain wilderness.

Six miles later, our tired bodies and soggy feet had made it back to our car and I realized that today? Today, actually was my day. A few frustrations to be sure, but in the end, it’s your perspective on those frustrations that really set the tone for your today, your tomorrow and for your life.

Today was a great reminder to always find a positive amidst the negative, and just commit to it.

How do you remind yourself to find a positive amidst a difficult situation?

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