That One Time We Went Ice Climbing in Colorado

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“Does everyone have a helmet, boots and crampons? Did everyone sign a waiver?” Waiver? What exactly am I signing?

Roadtrip with Nik - Ice Climbing 2

After quickly reading words like serious injury, accidents, hazards and the like, I decided it’s best for my confidence to not read this too thoroughly, as I can only imagine the scenarios my fantastical imagination would have concocted prior to climbing.

I skimmed the first of five paragraphs that need initialing before flipping the waiver over to officially sign and date.

Ice climbing. It’s pretty much just like rock climbing. Except instead of rocks you have vertical walls of frozen water. And instead of your hands you use sharp serrated ice picks. And instead of special rock shoes, you have boots with pointy spikes called crampons, you know, to help you to grip the sheer ice. All the while you are harnessed to this nice little rope that a stranger below you has control of. Is this sounding fun yet?!

My legs were shaking as I started to drive my ice picks and crampons into the frozen water. What would Wolverine do? He’d just claw in and handle that sh*t! So, I did and it was exhilarating. The sense of accomplishment that comes from doing something that pushes you mentally and physically gives you such a massive endorphin boost that you’re just freaking happy the rest of the day.

Seriously friends, if you ever have the opportunity, give this a try and don’t think for a second that you can’t because of age either. There was a couple in their seventies ice climbing for the first time (like most of us) and despite the wife’s apprehension, she climbed like she’d done it a hundred times. Wolverine-style.

Bottom line: Sometimes reading the fine print makes you doubt what you are capable of accomplishing in life. Trust your gut and know that you can achieve anything you set your mind to.

As an aside, I want to also note that this wasn’t expensive. You can trust this frugal girl to tell you the truth. $15 a person and we met another couple that we absolutely adore and now call friends. Another reminder that saying yes to adventure opens the door for amazing experiences and lifelong friendships. Both of which make the world go round.

Ice Climbing in Colorado
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