The Best Time to Visit Santa Fe, New Mexico

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With chilly night temperatures and the changing of the leaves, we find ourselves in the thick of glorious Fall.

Fall in Santa Fe, New Mexico
These are the days that I long for the cabin in Minnesota. The apple orchard. Bonfires. Cozy sweatshirts and warm socks. As the leaves change, we subconsciously start to prepare. We become eager for the snow and the nostalgic smell of home baked goods. The hint of cinnamon and cider. Pumpkin and pine.

I could close my eyes and be right there. Right where one is happy, peaceful and full of buttery calorie happiness.

This morning, however, my desire to be in Minnesota was rivaled by another scene. Nik and I got up bright and early to enjoy the sun as it peaked over the vibrant Aspen trees in theĀ Sangre de Cristo MountainsĀ of Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Fall in Santa Fe is nearly as magical as the snow falling on a quiet Christmas night. The golden leaves against a clear blue sky draw quite a crowd and it’s easy to see why. The view is breathtaking. The air is crisp. The scent of autumn swirls. Deep and full and deliberate are my breaths as I take in all the beauty that surrounds us.

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