Hello and welcome, fellow road tripper!

We’re glad to have you scoping out our blog.

We–Nik and Angel–are powder-day-searching, adventure-loving photographers with insatiable wanderlust. We strive for a minimalist lifestyle as we house sit for people across the country taking along just our cameras and the necessities, or whatever fits inside our automobile.

Our nomadic journey started in Bozeman, Montana on January 1, 2014. Check out this post for more on that story. We had just walked away from cushy corporate jobs (that we actually liked!) for a new adventure that went against all societal norms. Besides a few totes in storage, we sold everything else and packed the remaining essentials in our compact SUV.

We were jobless but we knew one thing for certain. We wanted more out of life.

We had the best winter that year and it lit a fire. Before we knew it, we had booked a five month house sit in Santa Fe, New Mexico and nearly five years later, we’re still house sitting all over the U.S., including Hawaii. We even landed a three month international house sit in Costa Rica.

The blog chronicles our countless road trips and all the learning and adventure and amazing opportunities that they bring. We’ll take you back to some of our favorite moments and keep you up-to-date on what’s happening currently. If you want to get a daily feed, follow us on Instagram.

Nik & Angel