Who Else Wants to Quit Their Job and Snowboard This Winter?

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In early 2013, Nik and I were living the condo life in downtown Minneapolis.

We both had jobs and bosses that we really liked, we were living comfortably and had zero debt. Life was good and we were abundantly blessed in so many ways.

We were considering buying a house, the typical next step in our lives after getting settled in careers and marriage. We found ourselves frequently driving around to explore homes for sale in the neighborhoods that we thought we wanted to grow roots. But something about that idea didn’t feel right.

Day after day, we’d come home from our jobs and wonder, Is this it? Do we buy the house, get a riding lawnmower and start a family … because that’s what’s expected of us?

We wanted more out of life.

We wanted to travel for more than just 2 weeks a year and do so without having to ask for permission. We wanted to be surrounded by powder days in the winter and trail runs in the summer.

I’ll never forget the moment when we both came to the realization that we did not have to buy a house, it was like a ton of bricks lifted off our chests. It felt so freeing to be rid of the stress that came with making a massive financial commitment, just because it was a societal norm. With our new perspective, we started dreaming up the life that we wanted to create for ourselves.

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Nik snowboarding at Bridger Bowl

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